Monday, May 4, 2009

Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk - Update 2

On April 25, I joined about 125 other 3 Day walkers at Tyson's Corner Mall in McLean, Virginia for a Training Walk Kick Off Event. Organized by Shawn Supers (DC Field Coordinator), and TWL (Training Walk Leader) Beth Botwright, the walk was a complete success.  Here's Beth to the left <------ (she was in the fashion show too).  What a terrific, energetic and FUN person Beth is! 

We began gathering at the New Balance Store at 7:30 a.m. and by 8:30 a.m. we had a full crowd of walkers and more than 10 TWLs to lead groups of walkers through the mall for a 3 mile walk.   Following our walk we were able to get professionally fitted for the shoes meant to carry us the 60 miles in October and all the training miles beforehand.... We also got to see a fashion show (which I participated in) of some COOL New Balance gear made for walking!  It was a really fun morning and I enjoyed my time thoroughly!                                                                                                                          
I am beginning to think that 3 Day Walkers must be some of the friendliest and most fun people on the planet!  I led the first walk team out with another TWL, Kristina, as my "caboose".  Thanks Kristina!! :)   (I'm on the left, with Kristina on the right).

Up front, I was accompanied by  Cindy, a woman from Frederick, Maryland, with more connections to breast cancer than any one person should have.  I almost felt guilty walking with her; having no personal connections to this awful disease. She actually *thanked* me for walking. Such a sweetheart! 

FUNDRAISING UPDATE:  I am thrilled to announce that this past week I reached $1,000 in fundraising!   With a lofty goal of $5,000,  I was encouraged to reach this first milestone.   I haven't been at all anxious about the walking (though that may change), but I have really been on alert regarding fundraising.   I'm taking steps now to follow up with emails I have already sent, but not gotten any kind of reply from. Possibly when the email was sent in "bulk" it went directly to someone's spam box?  If most people are like me, they never (and I really mean NEVER) look in their spam. I only go in there once a month or so to "select all" and delete.   I hate to think I was deleted, but if someone didn't know I was there in the first place, I guess its OK. 
     In addition to emailing, I've got donation boxes in several local merchants. Hopefully someone's extra change can be the difference in me making my goal!   

PLANS FOR THIS WEEK:  Follow-up emails, snail mail letters to some family members who don't "do" email, and checking the coin boxes I have around town.   Oh, I think I'll probably do some walking too! ;)

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