Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer's coming!

R U ready??   I'm getting geared up for a leisurely summer with my kids plus 2.  We'll have 2 neighbor girls with us - they usually go to Minnieland Daycare (a regional chain) but in chatting with their mom we thought that a break for the summer might be nice??   The decision was made easier by the fact that the younger girl and my younger girl are the same age/grade, and also my older girl and the older neighbor girl are also the same age.  Poor Jake is out in the cold, but I hope to help him line up some buddies he can bring to the pool and have over for goofing off every few days. 
Summer activities on the agenda:
Swimming Pool - opens at 11am daily and we plan to be there at opening - to get one of the choice tables under shade. 
Library - making sure all 5 kids are getting their school summer reading lists completed! We'll also be on the lookout for any programs the library might have to offer - like the turtle lady that is coming next Thursday,  and  a Native American Storyteller who will be there another day....
Movies!  Our local AMC Theatre has $1 movies on Wednesday mornings at 10am.  A variety of  kid-movies that were originally shown in the last 6 months sometime...still fine to see a second time - for $1!  They have a discount on popcorn and drinks too. Last summer we didn't really "do" lunch on Wednesdays...more like a heavy snack of fruit and cheese (which was perfectly fine after a bucket of popcorn)!
Beyond those "off-site" activities, at home, we have a trampoline out back, lots of craft supplies for the girls, and a Wii, NintendoDS, computer for all.  Hopefully there is enough to keep the crew happy! :) 

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