Monday, January 4, 2010


Wow. 2009 is over.
The years seem to pass more quickly as I get older. That's pretty sad, isn't it? Some good stuff is happening and I really want to savor each and every moment. Then again, there was some bad also...maybe a remote control that I could use to fast forward through the muck and pause the really great moments? That would make an awesome movie! Oh, wait. I think they already did that. Never mind.

The Breast Cancer 3 Day
Weekend crop with friends (May Edition)
Weekend crop with friends (November Edition)
A brand new nephew (I love babies!)
21 inches of December snow!
A wedding
A new puppy
An OLD dog
17 years of marriage
lots of birthdays
Closing of the Lifetime Moments Message Boards and online store (BOO!)
H1N1 for the whole family! (the actual virus, not the vaccine)
Braces for Jake
Lots of time at the gym
Ran my first 5k

I am sure there are some highlights that I have forgotten. I think I'll probably remember some as soon as I hit "publish". Whatever. Not a big deal. Letting go of the small stuff for 2010.

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  1. Jenni! I was reading this on my Google Reader and I see BC3D walk, crops, nephew, 21 inches of snow -then I think wow, that sounds like Jenni. Then read on and decided to see whose blog it was posting a bunch of stuff about Jenni's life. I was relieved to see that it's you. :)