Thursday, May 20, 2010

Run Like a Mother and Thursday Thirteen

Go. Get. This. Book. Its great. It is wonderful. It is motivating. It has motivated me to try and run faster, it has motivated me to run more, and it has motivated me to update my blog! HA! I'm going to try and be more consistent here, keeping track of my runs, my fitness (15 pounds to go) and what I'm doing to accomplish my biggest goal to date: completing a half-marathon!
13 things to focus on during these last 15 pounds:
1. Be consistent
2. Be patient
3. Focus on the small victories
4. Remember to weight train
5. Find a running buddy
6. Faster is not always better
7. Find a training partner
8. Run outside more (even though I love the 'mill)
9. Do more hill repeats

10. When I think I am "done", do more (one more mile, one more minute, one more hill, one more lap).
11. Ask for help when I need it.
12. Add some more "fast" songs to my shuffle.
13. Find some GU that I can tolerate.


  1. Hey Jenni! Good to see you posting! What's GU?

  2. Hi Beverly - its an electrolyte replacement gel for running longer distances....

  3. Loved this book, especially the part about the embarrassing bodily functions running...I am a sucker for potty humour :)