Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (1/19)

Menu Plan Monday  is a great way to keep on track with a budget and eating healthy. 
This week:
Monday: Chinese Take-out
Tuesday:  Subs and salad
Wednesday: chicken parmesan from Dream Dinners, steamed broccoli
Thursday:  Mini burgers, salad
Friday: homemade pizza, salad
Saturday:  leftovers
Sunday: rotisserie chicken, baby baked potatoes, steamed broccoli

I should note that this was difficult to type this early on a Monday - I haven't had breakfast yet! 


  1. Hey my friend

    I always have some difficulti to leave cooment here if I am not logged in on goggle but i try anyway.
    I will look inti Ali's list of word and chosse that will be good for me and then tell You, mabye in my blog, or here...

    I have to blogs now because of the 365 project so there will be a lof photos from this year i think...*smiling* more than before, we always have a lot of photos...

    I hope You will have a great day and that we meet on LM messageboard soon.

    Hugs Ann-Marie