Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Test Post (photo)

Just checking out how to add photos to my posts.  What if I wanted the pic under my text? Not sure how to do that.  I'll figure it out! Just to let you know - the pic above is my scrap space in our basement.  That dark space at the back of the photo is an IKEA Expedit shelving unit with 16 cubbies.  I love this thing!  My only wish is that each cubby was about 2 inches larger, to fit my crop-in-style 12x12 paper holders.   The cabinetry at the right side of the photo is a kitchenette, complete with a sink, 2-burner cook top and a mini fridge.  I could hide down here for days! In fact, this past weekend I had 3 good friends from LM here to crop for a few days. We had a really great time! 

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  1. I cut and past the link to place it below my text. wish I could have been with you to crop!