Sunday, February 1, 2009

Google Reader, where have you been all my life? (AKA: the longest post I have ever written)

OMG!   So last weekend (Jan 23-25) I had a few friends here to scrapbook for a couple of days (hi Nicki, Sarah, and Beverly!).  Picture this:  4 women in a room together, 3 of whom had laptop computers, emailing each other and also posting things at the LM message board.  Oh, yeah, we were talking a bit too (and cropping, eating, laughing...).  So ANYWAY, about Google Reader: Beverly and Sarah were talking about catching up on the blogs they follow, which immediately gave me hives, because it takes me all day to do that...and *POOF* they were both done checking blogs.  I'm thinking, "They obviously don't read too many blogs", but then Sarah wanted to share with me one of the funny things she saw on a crafty site and I actually SAW her screen and how she checks all those blogs so QUICKLY!  It was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one! :)   Basically at Google Reader you can "subscribe" to blogs you read, and the new posts all show up on the same page!! GENIUS, I tell you! So go here to change your life (possibly an over-statement).   I have so much free time now!  Gives me the chance to update my Project 365 photos! 

I'll check in later for Super Bowl pre-game analysis.

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