Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day Goodness

So hopefully you're all out there celebrating your favorite president.  Not me,  I'm prepping for a trip to the local WW meeting for a weigh-in.  I am not sure what to expect this week. It has been a bit of a crapshoot lately, some weeks a gain (.8),  some weeks a loss (1.4), and even a week in there where I didn't go anywhere at all!  I only have about 5 pounds to go...

Later today I have to take Charlotte, our littlest sweetie, to the pediatrician.  It seems she may be allergic to shrimp!  WHO KNEW?  Last night she went to dinner with DH and ordered fried shrimp.  Almost immediately she was telling DH that her throat was itchy (so much that she tried to stick her hand into her mouth to scratch the itch in there)!  Tongue itchy too. Red blotchy face.  I need a little emoticon of a shocked person.    So he called me - and I directed him to the Benadryl in the medicine cabinet.  When we got home a short time later, her face was still noticeably blotchy, but most of the itchy mouth was gone.  THANK. GOODNESS.   We called the pediatrician last night just to make sure we'd done everything we needed to do, and got the on-call service.  They assured us that we had, but recommended we follow-up with our doctor - so that's happening today!  

What are you up to??

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