Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk - Update 1

So I attended the "Getting Started" meeting last Saturday. In that week, I have raised almost $400, switched walk cities, and gained several team members! 
Lets begin at the beginning.   I signed up at the meeting to walk in D.C.  Some of my LM friends told me they would come and walk with me.  I was excited - the D.C. walk is my birthday weekend (October 9-11).  I thought that celebrating a birthday by helping other people simply have another birthday would be a good thing, yes? 
So maybe 2 days later I was wandering on facebook when I noticed my brother's fiance had started a new website for their upcoming wedding (which they had not set the date for).  You see where I'm going with this, don't you?  Yep.  They've set the wedding date for October 10. When I'm supposed to be walking in D.C. WHOOSH! Wind went out of my sails completely.I won't even go into the fact that he/she didn't bother to let me know about the date (my mom didn't know either and when I asked him he said he had told us).  Had to vent to my fabulous friends, who are the voice of reason in times like these, and they had an immediate solution.  Walk in PHILLY!   October 16-18!  Brill!  And the BONUS, for changing the walk weekend, is that 2 friends who would have been unable to walk in D.C., will be able to walk in PHILLY! I called the 3Day Coaches number and got things underway to switch to the Philly event, along with my friend Stephanie, who was already signed up in D.C. also. 
Fundraising.  Intimidating, sort of. Overwhelming, a bit.  Necessary? Definitely.  I sent an email to nearly 200 people in my gmail address book and have gotten several donations totaling just under $400 so far.  Others have emailed saying they will donate, but by mail, so I am printing forms for them.  I'm thinking about some other things I can do besides the email, and have some things on mind - including asking for donations from businesses I frequent on a very regular basis. I'll wear their logo on my shirt (during the walk) for the donation.

Team: Awesome. Encouraging. Sarah, Jen, Stephanie, Tini:  You guys motivate me!   Hoping a few more folks join us - a couple are waiting in the wings...I'll update you when they do! :)

Do you have anyone who motivates and inspires you? Tell me about it! 

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