Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grab a tissue.....

I want to make a difference in this world. I want my daughters to know a world without breast cancer.


  1. Well I am a sensitive girl so I dare not do it, i will certanly cry and thinking of my friend Karin that died two years ago in breastcancer, among other sorts of cancer, but it started with breastcancer, i won't see it...

    Hugs Anyway my friend...

  2. You have to change the link to my other english blog, so You and others can read it...the address are

  3. Hello friend!
    Now I have been looking and my eyes aren't dry as you said I had take the tissue. thinking of Karin, She was such a wonderful person and I do miss her a LOT! SO I should want you to order a t-shirt for me to when you've decide which one you wanna take, could you do that? I think large will be good and I wanna donate some money later and skip buying scrabookstuff If have too. Hopefully I wanna find a walk to do here in Sweden for breastcancer otherwise I will walk that weekend and pretend i am being with you!!!!

    HUgs Ann-Marie