Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (2/16)

Whew!   Almost forgot this was Monday!  Having a holiday messes up the calendar for me. You?

Monday - DH and I had Chinese take-out, and the kids had macaroni/cheese and hot dogs.  Mmm. Everyone enjoyed their dinner! :)
Tuesday - The kids and I are hitting Subway! DH is heading to a buddy's to play guitar. They are planning to play some open mike dates. Someday soon I'll tell you how famous he's become and sell his CD here.  ;)
Wednesday - Breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, sausage, eggs, fruit.
Thursday -  Spaghetti, italian sausage, radiatore pasta,  salad
Friday - PIZZA & salad
Saturday - DH and I are going out (our "Valentine's Dinner") - not sure what the kids will have, but I am likely to enjoy a nice, rare, filet, a baked potato, and a yummy salad with basil vinaigrette dressing. 
Sunday -  Flank steak (Dream Dinners), baby baked potatoes, steamed broccoli

Hope everyone has a great week!  What's for dinner at your house? :)

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  1. I do hope that you will have a real nice time on saturday, My dh and i will gon and look at a movie on sunday and then dinner. He have his birthday on saturday, he will be 45, but after being working night he is tio tired to go on saturday.

    Hugs Ann-Marie