Thursday, January 22, 2009


There used to be a blog that dedicated itself to featuring the Thursday Thirteen.  Unfortunately, when I checked recently, it was no longer an active site.  Many other bloggers spend Thursday chatting about some list of thirteen things.  Seems like a fun way to spend a Thursday, so I'll try to keep up the cleverness on a weekly basis.   This week's topic:   SHOPPING! 

Here, in no particular order, are my thirteen favorite places to SHOP! 
1.  Target - just heading in to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy can result in a $100 tab for milk, t-shirts, tasteful kids' clothes, magazines, dish towels, Coke Zero...and lots of other fun must-have items!  Make sure to check out the "Dollar Spot" on every trip!
2. - free shipping with Amazon PRIME - need I say more??
3. itunes - since I got my Mac and my little ipod shuffle, this is the best place to grab a few new songs from the comfort of home.
4. Costco - planning my monthly Costco trip for right after my 5 mile run at the gym is great!  I sample my way through the store guilt-free!  
5. Borders Books - Borders Bucks, and percent-off coupons bring me back to the store at least every other week... I am book crazy! Historical Fiction, fitness, health, cooking, children's books...
6.  Ann Taylor Loft Outlet - for when I want to wear something a little nicer than my usual Gap and Old Navy wardrobe. 
7.  best little scrapbook store on the web!  Jackie, Thad and the rest of the staff at LM provide the best customer service I've gotten ANYWHERE! 
8.  Wegman's - feed the kids lunch and then go shop - can't beat it! 
9. - best product guarantee I've ever seen - they've taken back a broken backpack we had for a full year, shoes that were worn out, and a shirt that had a button ripped off.  Replaced everything free of charge! :)  
10. IKEA - gotta LOVE having an IKEA in town!  There are only a few in the US, and I am sure I'd never make the drive to one if it was an hour or 2 away, yet I meet people in our IKEA all the time who have driven that far to come to ours! WHEW!   Can't beat the affordable storage solutions, home decor and awesome bathroom rugs! Bonus:   yummy cinnamon rolls just past the checkout counters! :)
11.  Dick's Sporting Goods - since I started running, and since a new DSG opened in my town, I find myself stopping in more than I expected:  Good brands, helpful service, and a fun, new pink Under Armor running jacket! 
12.  Harris Teeter - excited is an understatement!  When this wonderful grocery store opened in July of 2007 within walking distance of the house we were thrilled!  Stopping in for one quick item is easy on the way home from anywhere. It isn't "out of the way" at all.  My favorite store feature is the self-check-out lanes! :)  I can breeze in and out in minutes! 
13.  Anyplace that sells Vera Bradley purses - Why did I let myself get sucked in to loving these bags? LOL!  I don't have too many (only 3 - so far), and thankfully I don't like every pattern that's out there. Good thing too, or I'd have about 100. 


  1. Hard choice of which one is my fav. It's between IKEA and Amazon. I guess IKEA, since I can't walk around Amazon? :)

    Love, Me

  2. Aaah, Target. I think Rich is not going to let me go there anymore after my last adventure!