Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A, A, what begins with A?

Apple Computer:  is my favorite.  I was surprised to feel this way, until Jason bought me an ibook for my birthday back in 2005. Everything about it is better than a PC.   I feel the "need" for a new one, and am saving my money.  I hope to make the purchase in late summer/early fall. 

An apple a day: only works when my favorite "Honey Crisp" apples are in seaso

Arrested Development:  Possibly the most genius comedy writing that is no longer on TV.  I stumbled on this show with Jason, and we love it. It makes us giggle, laugh, guffaw and sometimes gasp in shock...

 Airedale Terrier: We're getting one at the end of the summer! 
 Kizzee and Sean (Connery) had a small litter of 2 boys on July 3. One is ours!   The little sweetie to the left is about 9 weeks old, exactly what ours will look like when we bring him home around August 30.   We picked the Airedale because it is a non-shedder, is a really smart breed, and Jason wanted a somewhat larger dog than our last two, which were Mini-Schnauzers.   Special thanks to breeder Corally Burmaster, who has been a pleasure to work with and welcomes us out to her place anytime we want to visit with the puppies she has on site. 

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