Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ref=sr_1_1.jpgSO I bought this book a few years ago, after it was recommended by Cathy Zielske. She taught a class at CKU using this book. I have never been to CKU, but have always wanted to take a class taught by Cathy.  Yippee for me, she is teaching a form of this class at Big Picture Scrapbooking!  Part of the class prep is to take alphabet tags (that are provided as a PDF) and begin to make a list of words for my own "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life".  My friend Stephanie is also taking the class.  She used her blog a while back to make daily alphabetical entries...and so I will try to do the same.  beginning with A today and intending to finish the alphabet before the class begins in early September.  I'm not a terribly faithful blogger, so this might be useless, but anything to try and get here on a more consistent basis! :)  

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