Monday, March 2, 2009


Maisy really enjoyed making snow angels! Except for the part where snow got in her coat...

This is the view from the front of the house.  I went out through the basement door so as not to disturb the front yard. I really wanted to get a good pic with the "virgin" snow. 

I just think this is the prettiest tree!  I'll need to shake the wet snow off it soon so the branches don't break.

We don't often get drifting snow here.  The view out the basement door shows a variety of snow depths. It was also a bit challenging to open the screen! 

Out the front door - this was actually the first photo I took - didn't know that Blogger would upload them in the opposite order! Grr.   I'll have to remember that for next time.

After the pics, I put the camera inside and shoveled for about 45 minutes. This got the cars uncovered, and the front walk clear to the porch. I also got the sidewalk done from the mailbox down to our neighbor's driveway.   I took a break at this point, to come in and warm up.  The girls came out to play, and tried to sled down by the park, but they didn't have much luck with it - not slippery enough, they declared. 

Coming soon:  More pics of the shoveling progress and the dog playing in the snow! 

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  1. Hey Jennie

    Is it your lovely house we can see, it looks so lovely
    You finally get the snow, we have some snow here too and girls have been out skiing (it's in my blog) I think have to learn how to do a little video, cause I record it when they were skiing but you can see photos now anyway....

    Hugs My friend