Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Grace of Small Things...

Today is Wednesday. I love Wednesdays because there is no agenda for me. No appointments, no preschool, nothing to do except pick up Jake from school at 2:40.  Enjoy the small things in life. Like Wednesdays. What else is there to enjoy?
** the sunshine peeking through my windows all day
**hearing my husband tell me I'm his best friend. <3
**smelling dinner cook all day long in the crockpot
**a decluttered bedroom
**clean laundry
**American Idol

1 comment:

  1. And I love my thursdays....Even if I haven't got much on my scheule this week, Crop on saturday....sorting some paper today and plan some LO tomorrow and just be. We have had two wonderful days too, so I 've got some other colours than white in my face, not burned just a little sunburned...a healthy colour...

    Hugs my friend!